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Here it is…tonight Andrew’s tooth fell out. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and said he didn’t know that there would be a hole in his mouth now. The tooth is safely tucked under his pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to come and visit.


I finally got Andrew to try out his new bike this afternoon…btw, it was a BEAUTIFUL day today!!  I think we finally found Spring!!  Here are some pictures…now I just need to work on getting him to look up while riding!

Andrew woke up this morning and I noticed that one of his teeth was a little crooked.  Upon further inspection, it is loose.  Now Andrew can’t stop playing with it.  He is so excited for the possibility of the tooth fairy coming.  (He told me that the tooth fairy has brought kids in his class either a toy or $5, boy inflation is rough!!)  My  baby sure is growing up!!

With Spring finally here, all the neighborhood kids spent the afternoon outside riding bikes and scooters, and playing ball.  One of the Mom’s told the kids to organize a game of kickball amongst themselves.  The kids decided that it should be Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders against adults.  Yup, that meant that I was expected to play as well.  Right now (4 hours later) I’m so sore, but the kids all had fun.  Andrew was tired by the time the game started, and was a little short tempered at times, but still managed to enjoy himself.

Andrew and I ventured to Wal-Mart this afternoon to look at bikes.  Al and I were planning on getting him a bike for his birthday anyway, and since he managed to learn how to ride his little 12″ bike without the training wheels, we decided to get him a new bike early for his birthday so he could start playing with it early.   We got his new 16″ bike home and took off the training wheels, and he decided that he was more comfortable on the little bike where his knees almost hit his chin as he rides and rode that one today anyway.  Hopefully soon he will try out the new one and come to the conclusion that all bikes are basically the same and just as easy to ride.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer out than it was today, so we will see what the kids come up with to play then.  Have a good Sunday!

Tonight, Andrew learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  He has been wanting to do this since last fall, but was always too apprehensive to try.  Today though all the neighbor kids were outside riding bikes and Andrew (on his own) took his bike out of the garage to give it a try.  He tried a bit on his own, then asked me to help him.  I held onto the bike for a little bit when I let go and there he went.  He gets frustrated because it is hard for him to start out, and his bike is too small for him, but he was riding quite good by the time he had to come in tonight.  For his birthday this year, Al and I are planning on buying him a bigger bike, we just wanted to make sure he would know how to ride it first.  I had taken some pics on my cell phone, but I have no way of getting them from my phone to my computer to share, so you are going to have to take my word for it that it happened.

Otherwise, we are all really excited that the weather is finally warming up and the snow is melted.  We only have a little bit of snow left over from the “big snow pile”, but since it is supposed to rain some tonight-tomorrow, that should soon be gone too.  Some of the neighbors on the other road still have quite a bit of snow in their yards because of having so many trees, it doesn’t get much sun to warm it.

Ugh…when will winter end? It has been snowing all evening, and will continue on and off until possibly Saturday morning!!! I’m sick of this. Even Andrew is getting upset with all the snow. He just wants to play in the backyard and ride his scooter.

Not much else is new right now. Andrew continues to do good in school, and his behavior at home at night has been remarkably well!!

This weekend is the National Handbell festival in New London for church. I’m hoping that the snow doesn’t last until Saturday morning like predicted so that the roads aren’t too bad Saturday morning. Otherwise I’m looking forward to the weekend. Our handbell choir will have practice with all the other choirs in our synod all day Saturday, then on Sunday perform for a concert. My Mom and Aunt are coming Saturday evening, so we should have fun! Andrew and Al are both looking forward to being bachelor’s at home all weekend.

Since Al needs a laptop for his insurance work, we went out last weekend and bought a new one for me, and he will take my old one. The new laptop is so much faster than my old one. Since it is Vista, it is taking a little bit to get used to but otherwise I’m liking it. My only complaint is that I had an older version of Photoshop Elements that I was using, but it doesn’t work very well in Vista, so I have to find something else to use for photo editing…I’m still working on that!!

So, during the course of me being hired at the doctor’s office where I had been working as a temp, I had to have a titer to make sure that I am indeed immune to measles, mumps, etc.  Apparently, I am no longer immune to measles so I had to have a new immunization today.  Also since it has been years since I have had a tetanus booster, they gave me that one too, needless to say, both my arms are very sore right now and will probably only get worse before morning.  YIKES!  The measles immunization stings so bad going in I had tears in my eyes (and I typically have a fairly high pain threshold).  Now I know why Andrew yells so much when he has to go through these shots!!

Our church WINGS (Women in God’s Service) group had their annual Road Rally tonight.  What is a Road Rally you might ask?  Well, we split into teams of 3, and each team had a captain (driver), navigator, and a person who held onto all the items we were to collect, and took pictures with a digital camera.  I was the driver in my group, because, as scary as this sounds, I was the one who had lived in the Wausau area the longest!!  We had to collect a few items, take pictures of ourselves (and strangers!!) with hats on in “gangsta” poses, and we had to do a few other tasks.  It was such a fun time…and our team won!!  We had the most hat pictures of strangers in them (you got extra points for strangers vs just yourselves).  It was such a fun time, but now I am really tired!

Andrew is back in school now after spring break, and we are all happy to get back into our routines.  He is not at all happy with the snow storm we had last night (with thunder!!), he is so ready for spring to come so that he can get in the back yard again and play.