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Yup, this fall Andrew decided he wanted to play soccer again, so off to the Y we went to sign him up.  He is having lots of fun and has definitely shown an improvement over the last time he played.  His “niche” is defense.  Here are some pics from his 2nd game:

From 2010-09-18
From 2010-09-18
From 2010-09-18

Last Wednesday was Andrew’s first day of 3rd grade…this year, in a new school! He was very excited to go, but Tuesday night started getting a little nervous about the changes. He was a star though! He woke up Wednesday morning excited and ate his breakfast quickly to be ready to go wait for the bus. The letter we got from the bus company said pick up was 7:34 and to arrive at our stop 10 minutes early. Andrew was ready at 7:15 so we started taking some pictures…

He had to have spiked hair...even though it is a bit long to stay spiked.

Heading to wait for the bus

Getting tired of Mom taking his picture

Since we were ready even earlier than the letter said to be ready, it was a long wait for the bus…which arrived around 7:50…

Getting on the bus

Andrew was the second kid on the bus.  Quite the change from last year when the bus arrived at 8:20 and he was one of the last kids to get on.  He didn’t mind though.  We had put a book in his back pack to read on the bus ride knowing that it would be longer.  What did Mom do while Andrew was at school?  Work.  It’s been quite busy at work lately, so much so that my hours have been increased.  While I will miss my days home alone to get caught up on house chores, it will be nicer to have a larger paycheck.  I will still be part time, and will have some time in the afternoon to get my housework done.

Back to Andrew, he got home from school around 4:45.  He didn’t mind the long bus ride, or long day…but I attribute that to the fact that he had no homework yet.  We will see how it goes when he is coming home with homework.

We enjoyed the long weekend home together and are ready for another fun week of work and school.