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Andrew had told us that he was sure he was going to stay awake until midnight tonight to see in the new year, it is now 9 pm and he is asleep on the sofa in the family room.  We will see if he wakes up before midnight!


Finally, I’m getting pictures up from our Christmas celebrations.  It all started Christmas eve when Santa came while we were out looking at Christmas lights…for the 4th Christmas in a row!!!!  Imagine that!

It’s a little blurry, but here is a pic of Andrew when he saw the gifts under the tree…

Santa Came!!

Santa Came!!

Here is a picture of our tree with the presents underneath…



Andrew unfortunately had to wait until our appetizer supper was done before he could start ripping in to the presents.  Even when we let him start opening them up, we made him go slow while we were eating our supper.  Here is a pic of him opening presents…



Christmas morning was a quiet affair since all the presents had been opened.  Andrew slept in a bit before getting up to play with all his new presents.  His favorites so far have been a Wii game…Animal Crossing/City Folk, and a new Leapster with a Sponge Bob game.

Playing Leapster

Playing Leapster

Note the new pajamas…he got a pair of Sponge Bob jammies (the ones he is wearing) and a pair of Super Mario Bros jammies.  He said “Sweet” when he opened them…I think that is good!!

The morning of the 26th (after shoveling out from under more snow!), we traveled to Durand for Christmas with my family.  We started off a little later than we had planned because once we got onto the highway, we noticed our bug deflector bouncing around and stop to see that the plastic holding 2 of the screws on was broke.  We decided it would be quicker to head up to Saturn to have them take it off since it didn’t look all that safe bouncing around and we didn’t want it flying off while driving down the highway.

We arrived in Durand in time for lunch though.  Andrew had fun playing BINGO with Kyra and Grandma while Emma and Kaylee napped…

Playing BINGO

Playing BINGO

After naptime it was time to open presents.  I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of Andrew opening up his presents…hopefully Mom took some for me 🙂

We had an appetizer supper Friday night, then I played cards with Grandma/Grandpa/Mom/Dad/Craig while drinking brandy slushes.  It was a fun night…and out of character for him, Andrew went to bed early!!!  (We would later find out he was coming down with strep, fun times!!)

Saturday morning, Kristen and Mom made an egg bake and baked french toast for breakfast then Andrew, Al and I piled in the car again for yet another Christmas!  This time with the Bethke family.  We had a nice lunch of KFC with everyone before opening even more presents.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Opening more presents

Opening more presents

I had made both Mari and Joan quilted tote bags for Christmas…

Maris bag

Mari's bag

Joans bag

Joan's bag

Andrew just wasn’t feeling himself all weekend, so Monday I took him to the Walk In Clinic.  They did a quick strep culture because they had been seeing a lot of strep throat, but that came back negative.  I was told to give him Ibuprofen to keep him comfortable, and it was probably a virus and would need to run it’s course.  Well, this morning as I was getting ready to leave for work the clinic called wtih the results of the full culture, he has strep!  So, I had them call the prescription for Ammoxicillan in to the pharmacy in the clinic I work at and Andrew is now on his first ever course of antibiotics.  I feel lucky that we made it 6 1/2 years before an illness like this, but wish it wouldn’t have came while he was on Christmas break.  Hopefully by tomorrow he will be feeling better and can get out playing in all the new snow we have (7 inches yesterday, more coming tomorrow…we broke a record for snowfall in any month in history this month…lucky us!).


Most of the cookies are made….candy is in the fridge…presents are wrapped…I think I may be ready for Christmas to arrive!  I have some gingerbread cookies yet to bake (I bought pre-made dough so I don’t have as much work to do on them).   I also want to pre-make some dips for our appetizer dinner tomorrow night so I don’t have to do them then.  This afternoon I am going to help out at Andrew’s classroom party…I can’t wait!  Hopefully I will have some pictures from the party later.

Today Andrew had his Sunday School Christmas Service at church.  We had practiced his lines (he didn’t have any lines on his own, just as a group with his class), and according to a friend of mine, he said all his lines and sang all of his songs perfectly (I didn’t have the best view of him for the most part since he is so short.

The best part of the weekend, is that Mom and Dad came up to see Andrew’s program, and they brought the laminate flooring that is going to be installed in our living room/hallway/Andrew’s bedroom in January.  YEAH!

Andrew had tons of fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  We went out to our favorite pizza place for lunch, then after Grandpa went to Menards (and Grandma and I went to Shopko), we went bowling.  Andrew bowled good and had lots of fun!

Last night, Mom and I went to a local church’s Live Nativity.  That was good, despite the snow/wind/cold!  There were Roman Guards welcoming you to Bethlehem, the market place, the inn keeper telling you there is no room, the shepherds with their sheep, and the manger.  Around the walking path, there were a couple of people with donkeys.  Afterwards, they had hot apple cider and cookies.

Andrew is excited that he only has 2 more days of school until Christmas Vacation starts!  Tomorrow his class is making gingerbread houses, and on Tuesday is their party with a pinata.

It will be a busy week, but it is always so fun celebrating Christmas with a child.  Andrew gets so excited about everything!!

Andrew has been going to Physical Therapy since his well child exam in June.  All summer long we went twice a week.  That stopped in October since he has been doing well (he is a tip toe walker).  We went back once in November to see if he had regressed at all.  His muscle tone/ligaments/flexability were all good in November, although he had started walking on tip toes more since stopping therapy.  We decided to have another check in a month to see where he was at, and that visit was today.  He is still tip toe walking again, although not as high as he had been, but once again his muscle tone/ligaments/flexability are all still where they were when we stopped going to therapy twice a week.  So….Andrew is officially discharged from physical therapy. He is very excited.

Since everyone we have talked to or met with at the therapy office are all so nice, I brought a plate of Christmas candy with us.  I came home with an empty plate…all the candy was gone before we left.

Andrew had his Christmas concert at school tonight (although it was actually a Winter concert and included Thanksgiving songs).  I took a couple of videos, and am still trying to edit pictures to get a somewhat decent one (too many people!!).

We had a wonderful thanksgiving!  Andrew and I left Wednesday afternoon to go to my parent’s house.  Al was supposed to join us on Thursday, but he was sick Wednesday evening and we decided it was for the best that he stay home.  (My niece is undergoing surgery on Thursday and we didn’t want to take any chances that she might get sick beforehand.)

We had a wonderful meal of turkey, ham, stuffing, riced potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and pumpkin dessert.  Everything was great.  Thursday night we packed the car up again to head to the cities so I could join my sisters and mom for the mad Black Friday sales.  We didn’t open the stores, although we were at Wal-Mart at about 6:15.  By that time, the main crowds had died down some so we were able to shop and check-out in a fairly quick manner.  After Wal-Mart we went to Target before heading home to drop off the first load.  We then had breakfast and finished our shopping at Toys R Us, Kohl’s, and JoAnn crafts.  It was fun, and after a quick purchase on today, I’m now done shopping for my family.  I am *almost* done with Al’s family, so all that is left is Al and Andrew.  Wish me luck there!!!

Andrew and I came home Friday night and we spent the weekend recovering, cleaning house, and putting up some of the Christmas decorations.