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Yup, during the scrimmage at soccer today, Andrew was lucky enough to score a goal…I’m still not 100% sure what was going on…for some reason the ball was sitting in front of the goal and everyone else was just standing there looking away, so Andrew kicked it in!  His team won 1-0.


Al told me last night that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and that I needed to…the only problem is that I don’t have much to talk about. The week was fairly uneventful. I worked at the clinic my regular M-W-F, although we have been so busy with sick kids that the docs haven’t had time to do their charting, so I was able to go early on both Monday and Friday. It worked out great on Monday since I had to work at a school that afternoon for my neighbor. Recess during a snowstorm=lots of fun!! I also worked Thursday at another elementary school. I was a one-on-one para with a Kindergartener in a wheelchair. As I told Andrew that night, I was a kindergartener too for the day. We had art and gym class (I wish someone would have told me so that I could have brought my tennis shoes!!). The girl I helped was a sweetheart and I had fun helping her out.

Andrew had a good week. He had early release on Tuesday, so he had to get a haircut and then we rented a Wii game to play together. He enjoyed the extra time spent with Mom! He has soccer again this afternoon.

Not much new either with Al, he continues to same. His car has been losing oil so he is doing an oil consumption test at Saturn, he has to go every 500 miles to have it checked, the first time it was 1/2 qt low, second time 1qt low, he has one more time and supposedly if it is low again, they will put in a new engine since his car is still under warranty. The warranty expires in April (6 years) so we want to get this done to extend the life of his car!!

I guess I have gone on long enough without saying much, so I’ll leave with Have a Good Week!!

Edit:  Apparently I have posted the incorrect oil usage for Al’s car.  He was 1/4 qt low the first time and 1/2 qt low the second time.  Maybe I should start actually listening to what he says…hmmm.


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We had a busy Sunday! Andrew had Sunday School in the morning, then the Sunday School kids sang in church. Andrew did wonderful! He LOVES to sing.

It sure was snowy today. The news at 5:00 said that we had 4.5 inches as of then, but when Al and I snowblowed/shoveled at 5:30 it seemed like there was more. We had to do 1 round of snowblowing tonight so that we could get our cars out of our driveway easier tomorrow morning, but because it is supposed to get windy tonight, we will need to snowblow again tomorrow after it drifts our sidewalk shut…like always!

This afternoon Andrew started soccer. He has 5 weeks of indoor instructional soccer. He really seemed to like it. They learned how to dribble/stop the ball it their foot/and a few other simple basics. Before the hour was up they played a scrimmage. Andrew did really good when it was his turn to be goalie and stopped a few balls from going in the net.


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Andrew practicing dribbling his ball.


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All the kids in soccer listing to one of the coaches.


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Andrew holding the ball still with his foot.


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With the 3.5 inches of snow we received last night, Andrew and the rest of his buddies in the cul-de-sac are excited because the snow pile is back!! Andrew and Logan (one of the buddies) had fun climbing/sliding tonight after school. If we go more than a few days without snow, it is very likely that the village will come and take it away again, so Andrew wants to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. Lucky for him, although it will be really cold tomorrow, it is supposed to be a little warmer for the weekend so he will be able to play outside a lot then.