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We have just finished a totally chaotic, fun and exciting week…Vacation Bible School week!!  Andrew attended our day time program at church, and I directed the evening program at our church’s day care center.  We both had a blast on the High Seas!!  This year we had a dedicated “photographer” at each location taking pictures for a daily slide show.  Here are some of the pics that were taken of Andrew:

Big “Muscles”:

From 2010-07-28

Let’s GO (the kids would shout this whenever the daily Bible point was said):

From 2010-07-28

Binocular eyes:

From 2010-07-28

Snack service:

From 2010-07-30

Captain Andrew:

From 2010-07-30

As tired as I am right now after finishing the week, I am already excited for next years adventure. It is always fun!!


I’ve been trying to keep up with my scrapbooking even when life gets a little wild and crazy. It is something that helps me relax and calm down. Anyway, here are some of my recent pages:

From 2010-06-28
From 2010-06-26
From 2010-06-25
From Kim's Scrapbook Pages

Once again, we made the trek to the cabin to spend 4th of July with my family.  As usual, Andrew had tons of fun!  We even got to meet Tim and Kelly’s newest family member, Sage!  Here are some pics of the fun…


Jumping off the end of the dock...a new favorite!

Having fun with "Poppers"

Trying out water skiing.

He didn't make it very far.

Getting ready for fireworks.

Stoking the fire.