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For his birthday, Grandma Barb and Grandpa Mike gave Andrew a “Dig n Play Dinosaur” Game.  Before you can play the game, you have to dig out the dinosaur pieces from a big block of clay.  Andrew was bored yesterday, so I reminded him that he had this to do yet.  He had a lot of fun (for about an hour) playing archeologist and trying to find all the dinosaurs.  After an hour, he had only managed to find one dinosaur, but was too hot and ready to call it a day.  Here are some pics:

From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27

Instead of doing summer school this year, we enrolled Andrew in the College for Kids program at our local UW school.  Andrew had so much fun and loved all the classes he took…the best part (in his mind anyway), the program is only 2 weeks where regular summer school is 4!  The first week he only had 1 class that went all morning, Chess.  He loved learning how to play and some of the different strategic moves.  Now he just needs to find someone to play with LOL.  The second week he had 2 classes, each for 1/2 of the morning.  The first part of his day was Model Rockets.  The highlight of that class was Friday when they were able to shoot off their rocket.  He was so proud to report that his rocket was the only one that landed in the tennis courts at the park.  His second class was Beginning Design Squad where they made some sort of “machine” every day.  That class was his favorite by far.

Andrew with his Rocket

The catapult he made on Friday in Design Squad

Now Andrew gets to enjoy the rest of his summer with his classes already done (except for this last week of swimming lessons, but those don’t really count).

In my scrapping space, I used to have an L-shaped desk.  Well, it had seen better days and really wasn’t working out for me anymore, so I had been watching Craigslist to see if I could find something to replace it with.  Finally, I found EXACTLY what I was looking for…a small table.  It works out so nice in my space and is so much better than my desk, I had to share pictures:

It is just perfect in my space and I love it…the price tag?  $10.00…not too bad!!

I love scrapbooking…and even better, I love participating in online crops/challenges.  Hey, who wouldn’t like to have a chance to get something for free??  Anyway, one of the message boards I frequent is having an month long online event…check it out!

It’s been a busy few weeks in our household!  A couple of weekends ago, my sister Kelly and her kids Emma and Evan came to visit us, and brought Mom with them!  Friday night we celebrated Emma’s and Andrew’s birthdays.  They enjoyed “make your own pizzas” for dinner and cupcakes before opening a few gifts.  Then we packed up and headed to the hotel where they were staying to play in the pool for a bit.

Andrew playing in the pool.

Saturday we had a picnic in the park.  Afterwards the kids got to play in the park area for a bit before Kelly and gang headed towards home.

Playing at the park

Emma and Evan loved the bridge.

That Sunday, Andrew and I went to the indoor water park for the afternoon with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  Andrew has been fortunate to be assigned a Big Brother with the school-based program and loves having lunch on Friday’s with his brother.  Andrew doesn’t have any visits planned with his brother through the summer, but he will be in again in the fall once school starts up again.  At the water park, we met up with friends of ours, so Andrew had someone to play with.  He had no fear and loved all the water slides.  I think this year, we definitely need to look into going to the Dells again.  He is finally to the age where he can do all of the rides/slides and I think he will really enjoy it.

Andrew and his friend Trevor.

Coming down the slide

We were invited to join my family at the cabin for Memorial Day weekend.  Andrew was sooo looking forward to fishing and his only goal was to “catch a keeper”.  I’m proud to say that he met his goal.  Grandpa even showed him how to bait his own hook and take the fish off once caught.  Even though he was told he could go down to the lake and fish off the dock by himself whenever he wanted (as long as he wore a life jacket…safety first), he chose to wait until either Grandpa or Uncle Tim would be down there with him.

Waiting for that Keeper

We also enjoyed just playing in the Lake.  It has been such a warm spring that the water was so warm.  Andrew wanted to try out water skiing, but Grandpa talked him trying out the knee board first.  You know the saying…the third time’s the charm.  Well…Andrew made it up on the knee board his first and second time out, but didn’t make it around the lake.  On the third try, he made it around the lake…3 times!  He was so excited and proud of himself.  Grandpa said that since he did so good on the knee board, next time we come to the cabin he can try water skiing.  He can’t wait!

Getting started

There he goes...

Finally…Andrew turned 8 on Wednesday.  He was excited to bring cupcakes to school for snack time, and enjoyed that I came to have lunch with him and stayed for the afternoon in his classroom (I’m normally in the classroom on Wednesday afternoons, but stayed longer this week to help out his teacher and to spend more time with my guy).  After school, we had 3 of his friends (and neighbors) over to play.  It was supposed to be a water fight outside (with water guns as party favors), but the rain and cold temperatures moved the party inside.  The boys played Wii.  They bowled a game and had a boxing mini-tournament.  They all had fun.

Boxing Tourney

Eating cupcakes.

Thursday I left the boys at home and went to Minocqua for a scrapbooking retreat with friends I met online.  I had 4 days of scrapping, eating, drinking, laughing, and fun.  As much as I missed my family and couldn’t wait to get home to see them, I now miss my friends.

Andrew has 2 more days of school and then he’s on vacation.  He can’t wait!  This year he is going to “College for Kids” and is so excited for that to start.  That will be 2 weeks long and then he is just going to hang out at home and play.  We have pool passes again for the summer, and am hoping for warm temperatures so we can spend many afternoons there.