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Andrew had his ENT appointment today…his tonsils look great.  The doctor said at this point he is going to have Andrew come back in 2 weeks after he is done with his antibiotics and do another throat culture to make sure the antibiotic worked and killed all of the infection.

After his appointment, Andrew and I went to Pizza Hut and had a nice lunch together…such a small, fun thing to do during the school day.  Andrew made it back to school in time for lunch recess!

I’m also in the process of cleaning the garage and trying to sell all of Andrew’s old things on Craigslist…so far so good!  I listed 7 things this morning and 2 have already sold and a third is pending sale tomorrow.  Love making money!


Since Andrew has had three strep throat infections in the past 4 months, I called his primary doctor (he had only been diagnosed at the walk in clinic) to see at what point I should be concerned…they said that they wanted Andrew to go see an ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) doctor to see what is going on for sure and why he keeps coming down with these.  Andrew’s appointment is set for next Tuesday.  He is less than thrilled to say the least!!

I thought this was a great story and wanted to share it…there are still some teens with compassion around!

Mel-Min students choose prom royalty : La Crosse Tribune

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So…I was gone this weekend in Fond Du Lac to our church’s handbell festival…so much fun…and called Al and he said that Andrew was tired/felt a little warm.  This morning when Andrew woke up he was still complaining to Al about not feeling good, so Al took him to the Walk In clinic and, sure enough, Andrew has yet another strep infection.  Ugh!  Tomorrow morning I am going to buy him new toothpaste, a new toothbrush, and completely clean his bedroom.  Hopefully we will get over this and not have more reoccurances!!!

My Easter morning started bright and early with church at 6:30 AM…handbell choir, brass choir played, choir sang…it was a great service.

I made it home at 8 and, although Andrew had been awake since 7, he hadn’t started looking for his Easter basket yet (although he did find one of the eggs already).  We ate breakfast and then started on the hunt.  Andrew did manage to find all his eggs with some helpful hints from Mom and Dad (surprisingly, looking up at the ceiling saying “I just don’t know where they could be” didn’t work in finding anything!!).

Andrew with egg

Andrew with egg

All of his eggs had money in it…there was a dollar bill, 50 cents in nickles, a dollar in dimes, and a dollar in quarters. Andrew loves to count his money!!

Counting his money

Counting his money

With all of his eggs found, the search for his basket proved tricky as well.  After deciding it must be in the kitchen he headed in there.   At first, Andrew skipped right over the cabinet with the pot and pans saying “it can’t fit in there”, but (while looking at me and explaining why it couldn’t fit in there and almost missing it) he did decide to look inside and there it was!

It cant be in here, it wont fit

It can't be in here, it won't fit

Im just going to check anyway

I'm just going to check anyway

Its here!  (this pic got blurry because Andrew was moving so fast to get the basket out)

It's here! (this pic got blurry because Andrew was moving so fast to get the basket out)

With all the excitement from looking for the eggs and basket, this is how I found Andrew right before our lunch was ready:

Too tired!

Too tired!

We are getting all ready for the big day tomorrow.  Last night Andrew and I colored Easter eggs, now I’m just waiting to make sure he is sound asleep before getting out the basket/eggs.   I’m watching Sound of Music while waiting…love that movie!

Tomorrow morning I have to be at church bright and early (6 AM) to get ready for bell choir to play at the sunrise service.  After the service, I will probably stay a bit and have some breakfast before heading home to see the boys and watch Andrew look for his basket.  We are staying home tomorrow instead of heading to the farm with the rest of the fam, but I am sure I will just want to nap tomorrow afternoon.

Here are some pics of the egg decorating…I’ll add pics of the hunt tomorrow night or Monday.

Decorating Eggs

Decorating Eggs

Andrew and me (courtesy of Al)

Andrew and me (courtesy of Al)

Andrews special egg

Andrew's special egg

The challenge for this month is to use red as a main color.

Here is my LO

New Bike

New Bike

PP:  Cherry Arte Boy Story – Wheels

“new bike” title cut with Sure Cuts a Lot and Cricut…font is CK Script

Journaling reads:  For his 6th birthday, we bought Andrew a new bike – a couple of months early – in April.  He took right off down the road and didn’t look  back.  April 2008.