Monthly Archives: May 2010

This afternoon Andrew had Track and Field day at school.  According to him, the best part is no school all afternoon and having ice cream when it is done.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon…

The "Scoop" race

Running the Dash.

Gunny Sack Race

The kids all have numbers on their hands for the afternoon. Here is Andrew (#2) and some of his friends.


Sunday night Andrew had his Pioneers Awards Banquet.  Pioneers is an organization through church similar to Boy/Girl Scouts.  This was his first year participating, he had an OK time.  Our church has more girl pioneers than boys (only 3 boys) so most of the activities are geared toward the girl awards.  He is still undecided if he will participate next year or move to 4-H.   Anyway, here are pictures from the night…

All of the Pioneers

Andrew wanted to sit with the other 2 boy Pioneers instead of with me.

Andrew receiving his badges.

Every week Andrew has to write a letter to his teacher for homework on Monday nights.  Last week they had indoor recess so he decided to be smart and write his letter during recess so he didn’t have any homework at night.  Tonight I got to read that letter.  It was so cute and so Andrew I had to share it:

Dear Mrs. M.,

Last weekend my computer crashed.  I was scared my computer wouldn’t work any longer.  My mom kept working on it and said it wouldn’t respond to any thing.  She eventually turned it off and that seemed to fix the spyware problem.  However, she had to make me a new profile.  I’m kind of happy about the profile thing because it used to be my dad’s computer so it had all these lame bookmarks.



His teacher comment was “you crack me up :)”

Happy Mothers Day from Central Wisconsin…on a snowy Friday night. I want to go back to Spring.