Tonight, Andrew learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  He has been wanting to do this since last fall, but was always too apprehensive to try.  Today though all the neighbor kids were outside riding bikes and Andrew (on his own) took his bike out of the garage to give it a try.  He tried a bit on his own, then asked me to help him.  I held onto the bike for a little bit when I let go and there he went.  He gets frustrated because it is hard for him to start out, and his bike is too small for him, but he was riding quite good by the time he had to come in tonight.  For his birthday this year, Al and I are planning on buying him a bigger bike, we just wanted to make sure he would know how to ride it first.  I had taken some pics on my cell phone, but I have no way of getting them from my phone to my computer to share, so you are going to have to take my word for it that it happened.

Otherwise, we are all really excited that the weather is finally warming up and the snow is melted.  We only have a little bit of snow left over from the “big snow pile”, but since it is supposed to rain some tonight-tomorrow, that should soon be gone too.  Some of the neighbors on the other road still have quite a bit of snow in their yards because of having so many trees, it doesn’t get much sun to warm it.