With Spring finally here, all the neighborhood kids spent the afternoon outside riding bikes and scooters, and playing ball.  One of the Mom’s told the kids to organize a game of kickball amongst themselves.  The kids decided that it should be Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders against adults.  Yup, that meant that I was expected to play as well.  Right now (4 hours later) I’m so sore, but the kids all had fun.  Andrew was tired by the time the game started, and was a little short tempered at times, but still managed to enjoy himself.

Andrew and I ventured to Wal-Mart this afternoon to look at bikes.  Al and I were planning on getting him a bike for his birthday anyway, and since he managed to learn how to ride his little 12″ bike without the training wheels, we decided to get him a new bike early for his birthday so he could start playing with it early.   We got his new 16″ bike home and took off the training wheels, and he decided that he was more comfortable on the little bike where his knees almost hit his chin as he rides and rode that one today anyway.  Hopefully soon he will try out the new one and come to the conclusion that all bikes are basically the same and just as easy to ride.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer out than it was today, so we will see what the kids come up with to play then.  Have a good Sunday!