Monthly Archives: December 2010

Ronnie had a horrible day today (well, in his mind anyway). He had to go to the groomers and get a bath and haircut. He was starting to look awfully scraggly, so it was time. He spent all afternoon/evening/night like this:

He is completely worn out after his long morning.


because, you know, they can’t call it Christmas vacation anymore.

Anyway, Andrew was so excited for school today…they were going to have their class party! Everyone in the class was supposed to bring a small gift for all the other kids and put the gifts in their stocking. During the party they were going to open their stockings and see all the goodies. Andrew was excited to come home with candy, granola bars, pencils, erasers, and some small containers of play dough. I asked him what else they did in school, and he said they watched movies. Last Friday (the day Andrew was sick) they could chose which movie they wanted to see. All the teachers in 3rd grade were showing a different movie. Since Andrew was gone on “chose” day, he was put in the room to watch “Horton Hears a Who”. He said it was a good movie and a fun day.

This year, Andrew is joining 4H and is excited to be learning new things and participating in a fun group. Tonight was their annual banquet and Christmas party. After eating a pot luck dinner, Andrew made a reindeer mask. Pics are coming (I hope) from a friend.

Back to the start of another week…although it is a short one!! Not much going on today other than our normal…so I will share a picture of our upstairs Christmas tree this year:

Every year, Andrew participates in our church’s Sunday School. They put on a Service every Christmas. This year, since I’m helping to teach Sunday School, I also helped out with the service. Despite not having practice last Sunday (weather related) the kids all knew their recitations and did a great job.

I’m hoping to get a pic of all the kids taken during practice before church, so stay tuned.

So…seconds after I posted this, I received a picture in my e-mail box from one of the other teachers…Thanks Tracy!!

This afternoon, Andrew and I made some Christmas Cookies (although I did cheat some, I used pre-made sugar cookie dough, and had a Betty Crocker pouch I used to make the Ginger Snaps). ..

Today Andrew spent the day at home with daddy. He was coughing quite a bit this morning and not sounding too good, so I had Al take him to the walk-in clinic. Well, Andrew was diagnosed with an ear infection…and his ear isn’t even bothering him!! So…antibiotics for him for the next 10 days…