Ugh…when will winter end? It has been snowing all evening, and will continue on and off until possibly Saturday morning!!! I’m sick of this. Even Andrew is getting upset with all the snow. He just wants to play in the backyard and ride his scooter.

Not much else is new right now. Andrew continues to do good in school, and his behavior at home at night has been remarkably well!!

This weekend is the National Handbell festival in New London for church. I’m hoping that the snow doesn’t last until Saturday morning like predicted so that the roads aren’t too bad Saturday morning. Otherwise I’m looking forward to the weekend. Our handbell choir will have practice with all the other choirs in our synod all day Saturday, then on Sunday perform for a concert. My Mom and Aunt are coming Saturday evening, so we should have fun! Andrew and Al are both looking forward to being bachelor’s at home all weekend.

Since Al needs a laptop for his insurance work, we went out last weekend and bought a new one for me, and he will take my old one. The new laptop is so much faster than my old one. Since it is Vista, it is taking a little bit to get used to but otherwise I’m liking it. My only complaint is that I had an older version of Photoshop Elements that I was using, but it doesn’t work very well in Vista, so I have to find something else to use for photo editing…I’m still working on that!!