So, during the course of me being hired at the doctor’s office where I had been working as a temp, I had to have a titer to make sure that I am indeed immune to measles, mumps, etc.  Apparently, I am no longer immune to measles so I had to have a new immunization today.  Also since it has been years since I have had a tetanus booster, they gave me that one too, needless to say, both my arms are very sore right now and will probably only get worse before morning.  YIKES!  The measles immunization stings so bad going in I had tears in my eyes (and I typically have a fairly high pain threshold).  Now I know why Andrew yells so much when he has to go through these shots!!

Our church WINGS (Women in God’s Service) group had their annual Road Rally tonight.  What is a Road Rally you might ask?  Well, we split into teams of 3, and each team had a captain (driver), navigator, and a person who held onto all the items we were to collect, and took pictures with a digital camera.  I was the driver in my group, because, as scary as this sounds, I was the one who had lived in the Wausau area the longest!!  We had to collect a few items, take pictures of ourselves (and strangers!!) with hats on in “gangsta” poses, and we had to do a few other tasks.  It was such a fun time…and our team won!!  We had the most hat pictures of strangers in them (you got extra points for strangers vs just yourselves).  It was such a fun time, but now I am really tired!

Andrew is back in school now after spring break, and we are all happy to get back into our routines.  He is not at all happy with the snow storm we had last night (with thunder!!), he is so ready for spring to come so that he can get in the back yard again and play.