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It’s hard to see, but here Andrew is pushing Emma on the Ping (Swing). Emma just loves to swing, and Andrew loves to push her.



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It’s been a while since I had a post. Sorry about the delay. Since we last talked…not much happened! We are just boring people!

Memorial Day weekend Andrew and I crashed Mom & Dads and Tim & Kelly’s cabin. Andrew had a wonderful time, and the best part was that the fish were biting! That makes it so much more fun. Even I got my fishing license and joined in on the fun. We didn’t even need to take the boat out, just fishing off the end of the dock. Andrew also liked playing in the sand…you know, anything with dirt! I’m going to share some pictures in new posts.

We went to a craft show Saturday morning and Andrew got a bug net and bug holder. He is anxiously awaiting the fireflies appearing so he can go out and try to catch some.

Monday is Andrew’s birthday and his Kindergarten graduation. He is looking forward to Al and I coming to eat lunch with him. Since he is “child of the week”, Grandma Barb and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa are coming to eat lunch with him on Thursday. His last day of school is June 10th.

New Smile

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Yup, Andrew’s other bottom tooth fell out this morning. He didn’t eat much breakfast because his tooth was “bothering” him, and when I looked in his mouth, the tooth was pointing straight out of his mouth…I think it was ready to come out. I quickly pulled it the rest of the way, and right now his tooth is safely tucked under his pillow awaiting the tooth fairy.


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Because this week is Hospital Appreciation (or something like that), all employees of Aspirus (even clinic employees like me), got a free appreciation gift. We got a camp chair (that has the Aspirus emblem on the back) and a tote bag. Pretty nice gifts if you ask me. I guess every year they give out gifts for appreciation.

Today I spent 8 hours in a mandatory customer service training program. Considering I don’t have much to do with customers/patients, it was kind of a long day, but all new employees have to do this within their first 90 days of employment. We did get free lunch though…always a plus!!


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Here is the wonderful pencil cup I got from Andrew this morning. He said they worked on it for 3 days in school. It looks wonderful on my desk.

For breakfast this morning, we went to the Log Cabin restaurant in town. They were giving carnations to all mothers, so I also got a flower. Al bought me (for Andrew) some yummy chocolates and Milano cookies. All in all a good day.