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The house down the road (a rural gravel road) from my BILand SIL’s farm is being rebuilt for the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!!  The family was “woke up” yesterday morning.  This house used to be in Al’s family, and in fact, Al’s dad was born in the house.  No one in the family own it now, but still it is pretty exciting.  I’m getting ready to head down to visit my in-laws for the weekend so that I can see some of the action!!  Demolition is set for tomorrow morning (I don’t know if I will get there in time for that, but we will see!)

Here is a link to the Madison ABC station with the clips that they have done.


My friend Jess (who’s birthday is tomorrow…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) tagged me…let’s give this a shot!

Ten years ago:
I was getting ready to celebrate my first wedding anniversary…working at the nursing home, I don’t know what else.

Five things on today’s to-do list: (I’m going to do tomorrow’s list, since it is almost bedtime now)
1. Clean house
2. Take down guest bed in my scrap room
3. Cut out crosses for Vacation Bible School
4. Do laundry
5. Catch up with all my message board friends!

A snack I enjoy:
Chex Mix

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Pay off house, buy Al a new car, pay off my car (but I would keep it cuz I like it!), put money away for Andrew for college, quit my job so I can spend more time scrapbooking and quilting and just hanging out.

Places I have lived:
Durand, WI; Eau Claire, WI; River Falls, WI; Maplewood, MN; Woodbury, MN; Schofield, WI

I tag:

There are many reasons why I like living in Wausau…one of the main ones is that there are so many family activities, many of which are free or really cheap to do. This weekend (in addition to the Balloon Rally and Glow…which coincidentally, it was too windy last night for it again) is Chalkfest. Local artists, or artist wannabees can “buy” a square on a downtown block known as the 400 block. They then spend Saturday and Sunday decorating their square with chalks. For kids, they can take part in the children’s mural for $2. Andrew and I decided to check out the artwork today and see what he can do. This is a general pic of the 400 block.

Here Andrew is hard at work:

Finally, here is Andrew with his completed masterpiece:

Andrew and I attempted to go to the Balloon glow last night downtown. Unfortunately, it was too windy for the pilots to put up the balloons, but they did set up their baskets and flames for everyone. Here is Andrew checking out one of the baskets.

Now Andrew is seeing what it like from inside a basket.

Finally, here is a picture of one of the flames.

We are planning on trying again tonight, but it is quite a windy day here, so I don’t think it will be happening again. Tonight there is also supposed to be fireworks, so maybe we can see them instead.

Especially when it is happening in your own driveway!!  Here is what we are watching today:

There was a drain at the end of our driveway and when the road was built it wasn’t done properly so the road was starting to cave in. Yikes!

Here is a pic the 4 yr old neighbor boy watching them work before he had to go to daycare:

If Andrew wouldn’t have been in school, that is how he would have spent his morning too!

Andrew started swimming lessons tonight at the Y.  There are 3 other boys in his class…and Andrew was the only one who wore a floaty belt around his waist, the other boys all tried swimming on their own.  He also wouldn’t put his face in the water.  He was just very hesitant to do anything…the teacher said that Andrew will get better and will be doing good by the end of class, so at least he is optimistic.  Our next class is Wednesday, hopefully Andrew will do better.


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Tonight, to celebrate the end of the holiday weekend, we made homemade ice cream. A couple of years ago we bought the Wilton ice cream maker and it works surprisingly well. Andrew (and me, when he got bored with it) just had turn the crank every 2 minutes for about 1/2 hour and we had ice cream. It was a yummy way to end the weekend.