Last weekend, Andrew and I joined Mom, Dad, Kelly, Tim and Emma at their cabin near Webster, WI for the fishing opener.  Andrew was so excited that from the minute I told him, he couldn’t stand still…he just started dancing around everywhere.  He did manage to finish the week at school with no incident.  Thursday at school, he told his afternoon teacher that I was picking him up at school early to go up north for the weekend…um, no.  We were meeting my parents in Chippewa Falls for supper, and didn’t need to leave before school let out.  Andrew was disappointed because I think he likes being picked up at school, it makes him feel special.

Andrew had an awesome time at the cabin.  He went fishing with Grandpa, but nothing was biting.  That didn’t stop him from having fun though.  They went fishing Saturday and Sunday afternoon before we left.  Sunday morning, Andrew went golfing with Grandpa and Tim…he walked all 9 holes and golfed along with them.

Saturday afternoon, Mom and I went shopping in Siren.  They have an awesome quilt store and a cute scrapbooking store.  At the quilt store I got a pattern and some fabric to make a cute quilted tote bag, and this afternoon, I finished it!  Here is a pic:

Quilted Tote Bag

Otherwise, not much else has been happening around here.  I hope all mothers out there have a good Mother’s Dad tomorrow.  I told Al that like every year, I will not be cooking tomorrow.  Otherwise, we won’t be doing much else.