Instead of doing summer school this year, we enrolled Andrew in the College for Kids program at our local UW school.  Andrew had so much fun and loved all the classes he took…the best part (in his mind anyway), the program is only 2 weeks where regular summer school is 4!  The first week he only had 1 class that went all morning, Chess.  He loved learning how to play and some of the different strategic moves.  Now he just needs to find someone to play with LOL.  The second week he had 2 classes, each for 1/2 of the morning.  The first part of his day was Model Rockets.  The highlight of that class was Friday when they were able to shoot off their rocket.  He was so proud to report that his rocket was the only one that landed in the tennis courts at the park.  His second class was Beginning Design Squad where they made some sort of “machine” every day.  That class was his favorite by far.

Andrew with his Rocket

The catapult he made on Friday in Design Squad

Now Andrew gets to enjoy the rest of his summer with his classes already done (except for this last week of swimming lessons, but those don’t really count).