Back in January, Andrew was having a few minor behavior problems in school. His teacher and I worked together to figure out what was going on. Then, another teacher at school suggested maybe Andrew was bored and he should be tested for the Gifted and Talented Challenge program in the district. Neither of us knew quite if he would be deemed “gifted”, but she nominated him for testing to get into the program. Testing took place in February and March and then…a couple of weeks ago, we received a letter from the school district…

From 2010-04-20

He was accepted into the Challenge program. Now we had a decision to make, whether to place him in the program or not. Andrew was very excited about the possibility, but the hard thing is, the program is held at another school in the district. Friday, Andrew spent the morning at the other school in the 3rd grade class room and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! He said he had so much fun and at that point we decided that is definitely where he needs to be for next year. It has been a long time since he has come home from school after having a fun day enjoying himself. So, next school year will bring about a change of schools for Andrew. Luckily, since the other elementary school is in our school district, he will still be bussed to and from school, but he will likely have a longer bus ride than he is used to. He’s not worried though, he plans on working on his homework during the bus ride so he can play once he gets home.