Here is the conversation that took place between Andrew and me after school today:

Me: Why are you wearing someone else’s coat?

Andrew: My coat is in my backpack.

M: Ok, but why are you wearing someone else’s?

A: I lost a tooth today.

M: Cool…but what’s up with the coat?

A: It isn’t a coat, it’s a sweatshirt.

M: OK, but why are you wearing it?

A: I lost a tooth today.

M: I know…what’s up with the sweatshirt?

A: When I lost my tooth I got a little blood on my shirt so the health aide made me put on this sweatshirt.

M: OK.

A: I like this one better than mine, it is way warmer.

M: I’m glad, but you know you can’t keep it.  I will wash it and you can take it back to school later this week.

A: OK (looking a little sad).