Yup…I’m still slowly plugging along with my photo editing class.  In this class we learned how to use something called “clipping masks”.  I don’t really know how to explain it but this is the picture I started with:

and this is how the picture looks after adding the clipping mask:

It just added the “grungy” looking border around the picture.

This is a picture of the lily we have growing in the front of our house.  Andrew brought the bulb home last year from Kindergarten…we watered it and kept it growing in the house until we could plant it outside, then found a spot and planted it.  It was growing really good, but an animal decided to eat all the leaves off of it before it could flower.  We were disappointed, but such is life.  This year, not only did the lily come up, it came up with an offshoot!  We are so excited that the animals have left it alone this year and we have flowers!!  It’s so nice to have some color brightening the front of our house.