Since I’m playing catch up this sunny Saturday morning, I thought I would post an update and some pictures from our weekend at the cabin.

Andrew and I had a great time!  We left the farm after lunch (from Panther Drive-In…YUMMY!!) and got up to the cabin around 3/3:30.  Andrew went right in and put on his swimming trunks and it was down to the lake.  We all had fun splashing and playing and even had a bonfire before bed.  We celebrated the “Cousin’s Birthday Party”  around the fire and opened gifts.

Andrew with his new fishing pole from Uncle Tim

Saturday morning, Andrew was awake way, way too early, but he had fun playing DS while letting me catcha few more zzz’s.  After another fun day of playing in the lake, we enjoyed fireworks before heading to bed.

One of Andrews favorite things...the kid jet ski

One of Andrew's favorite things...the kid jet ski

A look at the beach

A look at the "beach"

All the Grandkids

All the Grandkids


Sunday it was a little bit more playing, but mainly just cleaning up and packing up and heading for home.  Andrew did get in a bit of fishing with Grandpa while I was helping get stuff together/clean up some.  He claims the fish he caught were “too small to eat, too big for bait”.