We’ve been busy here lately!  I have a few updates/pictures to share, so here goes….

Friday Andrew’s class performed Fairy Tale plays/songs for parents right before lunch time.  Al and I were both lucky enough to be able to attend (I worked 2 hours in the morning, took 2 hours off to see Andrew/eat lunch with him, and went back to work 2 hours!)  Andrew was a narrator for the play “Goldilocks and the 3 Bullfrogs”.  He did a very good job…here are some pictures:

Singing a song (I cant remember which one

Singing a song (I can't remember which one)



The class sang and did narrations to the song What a Wonderful World

The class sang and did illustrations to the song "What a Wonderful World"

Andrew with his teacher

Andrew with his teacher

Saturday we froze our way through Soccer…the temp was in the 30s and there was a high wind…I couldn’t feel my legs or hands by the time we were done and I was wearing winter gear!!  Andrew had fun even though the team they played was a lot bigger than his team and played rougher.  We rushed from soccer over to the bowling alley since Andrew was invited to a birthday party.  He had a lot of fun bowling and eating pizza.

Sunday afternoon we planted 2 trees that we had bought from the Arbor Day Foundation.  We planted a red maple and a peach tree.  Hopefully they will continue to grow!

Filling the bucket with water to hold the trees until they get into the ground.

Filling the bucket with water to hold the trees until they get into the ground.

Using the shovel

Digging the hole

The Maple Branch...I mean Tree!

The Maple Tree

The Peach Stick

The Peach "Stick"

Today Andrew had a track and field day at school…they did 4 events…gunny sack race, hurdles, scoop race, and regular race.  I took pictures, but haven’t had time to put them onto my computer yet, so once I get them done, I will share.