Andrew had his follow up appointment at the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor today.  He had a throat swab done, and although we have no positive culture yet, the doctor thinks it may yet come back positive because of the way Andrew’s breath smelled.  So now we wait.  I also needed to have a throat swab, and Al is going to the Walk In clinic tomorrow to get one done to make sure neither of us are carriers.  Andrew got a HUGE smile on his face when the doctor asked me to have a throat swab.  He liked to see me gag and do what he hates to do.  I didn’t put up a fight like he did though.  All is good now, we went for ice cream afterwards to celebrate.

Tomorrow Andrew’s class is putting on Fairy Tales plays for parents.  Al and I are both going to go and then I am going to stay and eat lunch with Andrew.  I’m working a weird day tomorrow though…working 2 hours, leaving for an hr and half, then working 2 hours…oh well, I’m glad that my job is such that I can rearrange my schedule so I don’t miss these events in Andrew’s life.