Today Andrew had his Sunday School Christmas Service at church.  We had practiced his lines (he didn’t have any lines on his own, just as a group with his class), and according to a friend of mine, he said all his lines and sang all of his songs perfectly (I didn’t have the best view of him for the most part since he is so short.

The best part of the weekend, is that Mom and Dad came up to see Andrew’s program, and they brought the laminate flooring that is going to be installed in our living room/hallway/Andrew’s bedroom in January.  YEAH!

Andrew had tons of fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  We went out to our favorite pizza place for lunch, then after Grandpa went to Menards (and Grandma and I went to Shopko), we went bowling.  Andrew bowled good and had lots of fun!

Last night, Mom and I went to a local church’s Live Nativity.  That was good, despite the snow/wind/cold!  There were Roman Guards welcoming you to Bethlehem, the market place, the inn keeper telling you there is no room, the shepherds with their sheep, and the manger.  Around the walking path, there were a couple of people with donkeys.  Afterwards, they had hot apple cider and cookies.

Andrew is excited that he only has 2 more days of school until Christmas Vacation starts!  Tomorrow his class is making gingerbread houses, and on Tuesday is their party with a pinata.

It will be a busy week, but it is always so fun celebrating Christmas with a child.  Andrew gets so excited about everything!!