Andrew has been going to Physical Therapy since his well child exam in June.  All summer long we went twice a week.  That stopped in October since he has been doing well (he is a tip toe walker).  We went back once in November to see if he had regressed at all.  His muscle tone/ligaments/flexability were all good in November, although he had started walking on tip toes more since stopping therapy.  We decided to have another check in a month to see where he was at, and that visit was today.  He is still tip toe walking again, although not as high as he had been, but once again his muscle tone/ligaments/flexability are all still where they were when we stopped going to therapy twice a week.  So….Andrew is officially discharged from physical therapy. He is very excited.

Since everyone we have talked to or met with at the therapy office are all so nice, I brought a plate of Christmas candy with us.  I came home with an empty plate…all the candy was gone before we left.