We had a wonderful thanksgiving!  Andrew and I left Wednesday afternoon to go to my parent’s house.  Al was supposed to join us on Thursday, but he was sick Wednesday evening and we decided it was for the best that he stay home.  (My niece is undergoing surgery on Thursday and we didn’t want to take any chances that she might get sick beforehand.)

We had a wonderful meal of turkey, ham, stuffing, riced potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and pumpkin dessert.  Everything was great.  Thursday night we packed the car up again to head to the cities so I could join my sisters and mom for the mad Black Friday sales.  We didn’t open the stores, although we were at Wal-Mart at about 6:15.  By that time, the main crowds had died down some so we were able to shop and check-out in a fairly quick manner.  After Wal-Mart we went to Target before heading home to drop off the first load.  We then had breakfast and finished our shopping at Toys R Us, Kohl’s, and JoAnn crafts.  It was fun, and after a quick purchase on Amazon.com today, I’m now done shopping for my family.  I am *almost* done with Al’s family, so all that is left is Al and Andrew.  Wish me luck there!!!

Andrew and I came home Friday night and we spent the weekend recovering, cleaning house, and putting up some of the Christmas decorations.