I took Andrew to the Walk In clinic this morning, because he has had a cough for a week and a half that he just can’t manage to shake. The doctor there said that she feels he may have a touch of bronchitis, but that it was probably viral. She did, however, here a slight wheeze when he coughed, so she put him on an Albuterol inhaler. This is our first time with Andrew needing to take medication in school, but having the mother he does who works in a pediatric clinic, I knew all the right forms to get for permissions. The school nurse was quite impressed when I handed her everything in order!!

In other news, after a 10 minute phone call to tech support, my computer appears to be working again. I do have a ticket # in their system now in case something goes hairy again. I hope that it is all finished up and working good soon though, right now it is still under manufacture warranty, and I don’t want anything to go on it after it is out of warranty, for obvious reasons!!