Our very busy social calendar is starting to open up some! Andrew finished Physical Therapy this week. He will go back in a month for a re-check to make sure he isn’t regressing and has some games/exercises to do at home, but he is doing so much better with his tip toe walking. Everyone at the therapy clinic said they are going to miss seeing Andrew and all of his little antics every week.

Andrew had his last soccer game last Saturday. His team finished with 5 wins and only 1 loss for the season. We are all looking forward to being able to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Andrew has his last swimming lesson next Thursday. He has really improved his independent swimming this session. Now he just needs to work on putting his face in the water and rotary breathing/front crawl. He now does a sort of dog paddle.

Andrew continues to do well at school. He missed Monday and Tuesday this week with a stomach bug, but quickly caught up on all his homework. He is reading up a storm. I can’t believe how well he does, and the books he brings home and reads. Next Monday he is going with his class on a Field Trip to the School Forest. He is looking forward to that. Mommy was a little sad that they aren’t allowing parent chaperones, and then she found out that they are going to be learning about bats and spiders…I think it will be better for me to be at home rather than with them!!!

I have been treating Plantar Fasciitis in my feet. I was first diagnosed from our family physician, and he put me on Celebrex for 3 weeks along with stretching (which Andrew found incredibly funny that I would stretch his feet out, then my feet!!), icing, and gel heel cups in my shoes. I wasn’t having much relief, so on Monday I saw a Podiatrist. He has me on a Prednisone med pack (tomorrow is my last day), icing, stretching, and some foam supports in my shoes. I will say that I am definitely feeling some relief now! It isn’t 100%, but the doctor was hoping for at least 50% by next Monday, and I will say I am better than that. Hopefully I will be at 100% soon and can restart walking/exercising.

Al and Ronnie are doing good. There is not much new to report with them, so I will leave it at that.