Last weekend I went to the in-laws to witness Extreme Makeover in action.  It was pretty neat to see how fast everything changes.  When I arrived early Saturday afternoon, the house was just demolished and they were loading debris into dumpsters (a lot of the wood from the house was ground up into mulch which was used in the landscaping).  By the time I left early Sunday afternoon, the whole first floor of the house was framed out and they were working on the second floor.  WOW!  I did manage to get onto the site once Sunday morning, but the view of the action was obstructed by trucks/tents set up with projects coming and going.  But…from Carl’s field, we were able to get a perfect view of the house.

I also had a nice time visiting with Joan on Saturday afternoon/evening, something we normally don’t get a lot of time to do when I visit because Andrew is always wanting to play with his Aunt Joan.

Here is a link to see a slide show of the pictures I took of the action Home Makeover Pics