We spent the weekend at Grandma Barb’s house.  Saturday night for supper Carl, Joan, and Steve came over for a cookout supper.  Andrew had tons of fun showing everyone around “his farm”.

Sunday we spent on a riverboat on Lake Pepin with Al’s extended family.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and tons of fun.  Andrew spent his time going from the downstairs of the boat to the open air upstairs and back down again.  On the way back the farm, Andrew fell asleep and was out for about 2 1/2 hours when Al finally tried to wake him up.  Needless to say, Andrew was up way to late that night because he wasn’t tired!!

Monday, Al worked in the Eau Claire area for the day, so Andrew and I stayed on the farm.  Andrew had to help Grandma Barb water her flowers with the “water squirter”.  This year, he had his own set of wheels, so he didn’t need to ride on the lawnmower with Grandma.