Today was Andrew’s first day of summer school.  The day started out with us waiting for the bus.  The bus was *supposed* to come at 8:52, but the letter said that arrival times were approximate and to be at the bus stop 10 minutes early.  The bus came at 8:05!  Since school started at 8:15 and when I have worked at the school where it was held it took me 15-20 minutes to get there, I know that he was late.

Andrew is taking Sports for Life and Computer Fun.  He came home with “homework” for Sports for Life.  He is supposed to be “active” for 30 minutes every day…biking, walking, etc.  Ya know, he loves to play outside and ride his bike or scooter, but you tell him he HAS TO, and suddenly he is counting the minutes.  “Am I done yet?” was heard quite a few times in the 30 minutes, and what does he do as soon as time was up?  Go back outside to ride bike!!

Andrew is excited because every Tuesday the ice cream truck comes to school and for $1, the kids can pick out a treat for the day.  He can’t wait to pick out his treat tomorrow.

Now to the drama of the day.  Summer school was supposed to let out at 11:30, so I told the neighbor girls who are babysitting for Andrew while I work to watch for him because I didn’t know what time the bus would be here, but I thought it would be around noon.  I get home from work at 12:30 and they are still standing at the corner waiting for the bus!  I called the bus company and they weren’t answering the phone, everything was going to voice mail, so I called the school.  I was told “We were running just a little late today, the buses are just leaving so your son should be home soon.”  I’m sorry…1 hour is more than “just a little late”.  So, knowing he was now safe, I continue to wait at the corner for the bus.  45 MINUTES LATER the bus arrives.  Andrew was the last one off of the bus.  He was starving, and a little scared because he isn’t used to riding the bus that long, and especially being the last one on the bus.  Needless to say, tomorrow a neighbor is bringing him home from summer school with her boys and will do so for the whole time as long as her kids are going.  He may still need to ride the bus occasionally when they are not there, but for the most part he will get a private ride home.

That is how my day went today.  I’m now exhausted…I’ve never been so worried as I was when I came home and he wasn’t here yet.  In my mind, I was imagining the worse.