This is the third song…Sorry it is out of order, it took youtube forever to process this file. I only have the 1st verse and refrain because after that a group of 4th graders sang the verses and the Kindergarteners did the refrain. I’ll type it out for you (this is the only one I have the words for), since it is hard to understand and I don’t have the whole thing taped. Once again, sorry it is not rotated properly.

Verse 1:

When I was a little kid not so long ago,
I had to learn a lot of stuff I didn’t even know:
How to dress myself and tie my shoes, how to jump a rope,
How to smile for a picture without looking like a dope.
But of all the things I learned, my fav’rite of them all,
Was a little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall:


Of all you learn here, remember this the best:
Don’t hurt each other and clean up your mess;
Take a nap ev’ry day, wash before you eat,
Hold hands, stick together, look before you cross the street:
And remember the seed in the little paper cup,
First the root grows down and then the plant grows up.

Verse 2:

Was first, second, third grate, fourth grade too,
Where I had to learn the big things the big kids do:
To add, subtract, multiply, read and write and play,
How to sit in a little uncomfortable desk for nearly half a day.
But of all the things they taught me, of all the great and small,
Still my fav’rite was the poem on the kindergarten wall:


Verse 3:

Lately I’ve been worried as I look around and see,
An awful lot of grown-ups acting foolish as can be.
How I know there’s lots of things to know I haven’t mastered yet,
But it seems there’s real important stuff that grown-ups soon forget.
So I’m sure we’d all be better off if we would just recall
That little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall: