I know, I haven’t been updating much lately. Andrew had Spring break this whole week, so we have been busy. I still had to work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so Andrew and Al got to spend some quality time together. Tuesday Andrew and I went to the Wisconsin Pizza Factory for lunch, then went to the library. Andrew still loves reading nonfiction books about space, so he checked out a few more of those. Pretty soon we will have read them all. Thursday Andrew and I went to McDonald’s for lunch. Andrew had a lot of fun. It was crazy busy there though. The YMCA daycare was there with their kids, and while I don’t mind a daycare being there at all, they need to be more cognizant of the space they are using. The used 6 of the 10 tables in the play area, and no one was eating the entire time they were there…the tables were full of their garbage from lunch, coats, and shoes. Seriously people, when the place is busy, condense down for other patrons!!

We had a good Easter. After eating breakfast,and basket hunting, we all loaded into the car to head to Mom and Dad’s house. We had a very yummy lunch, then after the littlest grandkids napped, all the grandkids went outside to do some Easter Egg searching in the snow. All the kids had fun looking for their eggs and eating some of the goodies found inside. Here are some pictures from our day.

This week I start working as an Aspirus employee instead of a Westphal Staffing employee, which means (besides making more money!!) I have to re-do there orientation tomorrow all day and Tuesday. I’m not really looking forward to that, but it shouldn’t be too taxing of a day.