Andrew came home with the summer school courses, and really, really, REALLY wants to go and take “Sports for Life” (because he is hoping that soccer will be one of the sports taught), and “Computer Fun”.  Hopefully he will be able to get into the programs that he wants.

We also lined up a babysitter for him for the summer, Ariel and Trisha, neighbor girls are going to work it out between them and take care of the lad.  It is nice because he can stay home, sleep in, and still play with the neighbors; and I don’t have to pay for him to be in day care as much.  It will be really nice for the first month of summer vacation because with him in summer school, he only needs a babysitter for about an hour a day.

Looking outside and still seeing tons of snow, it is weird to be talking about  summer, but it will be here before I know it!!