Yup, we had Andrew’s conference this afternoon…the little guy is doing wonderfully in school. He is doing good in his writing, can read/identify alot of the high frequency words, and LOVES numbers/math. His teachers didn’t have a negative thing to say about him…

So, wouldn’t you know it that tonight while Al was getting the little guy ready for bed they were talking and Andrew said he didn’t really like recess anymore…hmm that is an odd phrase for a little boy to say, so Al questioned him further. Andrew said that another boy in his class is hitting him everyday outside. WHAT!?!?! Hits him???? That’s so not right. Of course, Andrew didn’t tell us this before the conference so we could talk about it with the teachers, and he says he doesn’t tell anyone or ask the boy to stop hitting him. We are definitely going to be working on that….he needs to say (loudly) “stop hitting me” so that hopefully an adult will address this. I know from doing recess duty how hard to is to watch all the kids outside at the same time, but hopefully if we can get Andrew to tell the boy about that, someone else will hear/see it and something can be done. I’m also going to e-mail the teachers to give them a FYI about this…I sure hope that Andrew is telling us the truth and not fibbing about it, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

No school Thursday/Friday…YIPPEE!! Andrew and I are heading to the farm for the weekend, he hasn’t seen Grandma Barb & Grandpa Mike since Christmas and is looking forward to it. So am I! I’m getting a little tired of staying home watching the snow. We aren’t used to being home this much, we are used to more visiting!!