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We had a busy Sunday! Andrew had Sunday School in the morning, then the Sunday School kids sang in church. Andrew did wonderful! He LOVES to sing.

It sure was snowy today. The news at 5:00 said that we had 4.5 inches as of then, but when Al and I snowblowed/shoveled at 5:30 it seemed like there was more. We had to do 1 round of snowblowing tonight so that we could get our cars out of our driveway easier tomorrow morning, but because it is supposed to get windy tonight, we will need to snowblow again tomorrow after it drifts our sidewalk shut…like always!

This afternoon Andrew started soccer. He has 5 weeks of indoor instructional soccer. He really seemed to like it. They learned how to dribble/stop the ball it their foot/and a few other simple basics. Before the hour was up they played a scrimmage. Andrew did really good when it was his turn to be goalie and stopped a few balls from going in the net.